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The Hall of Fame: History

About the Television Academy Hall of Fame

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Actress Amy Poehler (r.), who hosted the

19th Hall of Fame Gala, congratulates

legendary Saturday Night Live

voiceover announcer Don Pardo on

his 2010 Hall of Fame induction.

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has inducted just over 100 esteemed honorees into the Television Academy Hall of Fame — pioneers who have helped shape the most important and influential medium of our time, whether doing so in front of the camera or behind the lens.

The Hall of Fame honors actors, comics, directors, producers, costume designers, writers, animators, executives, reporters, explorers—and the list goes on and on, covering the gamut of talent that it takes to entertain, inform and enrich a mass audience.

John H. Mitchell Establishes the Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was founded by a former president of the Television Academy, the late John H. Mitchell

Mitchell sought to honor individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to television. In the words of the selection committee, the Hall of Fame is for "persons who have made outstanding contributions in the arts, sciences or management of television, based upon either cumulative contributions and achievements or a singular contribution or achievement."

Mitchell remained the chair of the Hall of Fame until his death in January 1988. He was succeeded by Edgar J. Scherick, who in turn passed the reins to Norman Lear.

First Induction Ceremony in 1984

The first ceremony in 1984 celebrated the careers of Lucille Ball, Milton Berle, Paddy Chayefsky, Norman Lear, Edward R. Murrow, William S. Paley and David Sarnoff. The honorees received glass statuettes in the form of two ballet dancers that were created by sculptor and painter Pascal to reflect the self-discipline required in all facets of the arts.

Since 1988, inductees have brought home an award in the form of a crystal television screen atop a cast-bronze base. The new awards were designed by the late art director Romain Johnston.

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For complete Television Academy Hall of Fame listings, media and historical information — and information about the Hall of Fame Plaza at Television Academy headquarters in North Hollywood, California — please click here to go to the Hall of Fame industry site at, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences trade and press website.