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65th Primetime Emmys Nominees and Winners

Outstanding Lighting Design | Lighting Direction For A Variety Series - 2013

  • Kieran Healy, Lighting Designer; Joshua Hutchings, Lighting Director
  • Simon Miles, Lighting Designer; Matthew Cotter, Lighting Director; Suzanne Sotelo, Lighting Director
  • Phil Hymes, Lighting Designer; Geoff Amoral, Lighting Director; Rick McGuinness, Lighting Director
  • Robert Barnhart, Lighting Designer; Matt Firestone, Lighting Director; Patrick Boozer, Lighting Director; Pete Radice, Lighting Director

The Voice

  • Oscar Dominguez, Lighting Designer
  • ; Daniel Boland, Lighting Director
  • ; Samuel Barker, Lighting Director
  • ; Craig Housenick, Media Server Operator