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62nd Primetime Emmys Nominees and Winners

Outstanding Animated Program - 2010

  • Howard Swartz, Executive Producer; Gordon Dana Berry, Produced/Directed/Written By; Steve Reich, Written By; Ray Villard, Written By; Jason Hearne, Animation Director; Dave Jerrard, Animation Director
  • Chris Williams, Executive Producer/Story By; John Lasseter, Executive Producer; Dorothy McKim, Producer; Stevie Wermers-Skelton, Writer/Director; Kevin Deters, Writer/Director

South Park

Comedy Central
  • Trey Parker, Executive Producer/Writer/Director; Matt Stone, Executive Producer; Anne Garefino, Executive Producer; Frank C. Agnone II, Supervising Producer; Eric Stough, Producer; Bruce Howell, Producer; Adrien Beard, Producer; Vernon Chatman, Producer; Erica Rivinoja, Producer; Ryan Quincy, Animation Producer; Jack Shih, Director of Animation; Jenny Yu, Director of Animation
  • Ricky Gervais, Executive Producer; Stephen Merchant, Executive Producer; Karl Pilkington, Executive Producer; Glyn Hughes, Executive Producer; Bob Higgins, Executive Producer; Lisa Ullmann, Co-Executive Producer; Margaret M. Dean,Supervising Producer; Michelle Papandrew, Producer; Craig Kellman, Directed By; Nick Bertonazzi, Jr.,Animation Director
  • James L. Brooks, Executive Producer; Matt Groening, Executive Producer; Al Jean, Executive Producer; Matt Selman, Executive Producer; John Frink, Co-Executive Producer; Kevin Curran, Co-Executive Producer; J. Stewart Burns, Co-Executive Producer; Michael Price, Co-Executive Producer; Marc Wilmore, Co-Executive Producer; Joel H. Cohen, Co-Executive Producer; Ron Hauge, Co-Executive Producer; Rob Lazebnik, Co-Executive Producer; Matt Warburton, Co-Executive Producer; Jeff Westbrook, Co-Executive Producer/Writer; Brian Kelley, Co-Executive Producer/Writer; Tom Klein, Animation Producer; Mike B. Anderson, Supervising Director; Oscar Cervantes, Assistant Director; Davy Lauterbach, Assistant Director; Matthew Nastuk, Directed By; Stephanie Gillis, Written By

Outstanding Individual Achievement In Animation - 2010

  • Andy Harkness, Art Director
  • William M. George III, Background Key Design
  • Joe Mateo, Storyboard Artist
  • Greg Colton, Storyboard Artist

Generator Rex

Cartoon Network
  • Nora Murphy-Berden, Background Painter

Generator Rex

Cartoon Network
  • Chu-Hui Song, Background Painter

Heart Of Stone
  • Chris Do, Art Director
  • Andy Bialk, Character Design
  • Charles Ragins, Background Design

Outstanding Short-format Animated Program - 2010

Adventure Time

Cartoon Network
  • Brian A. Miller, Executive Producer; Jennifer Pelphrey, Executive Producer; Curtis Lelash, Executive Producer; Rob Swartz, Executive Producer; Rob Sorcher, Executive Producer; Derek Drymon, Executive Producer; Fred Seibert, Executive Producer; Kevin Kolde, Supervising Producer; Kelly Crews, Producer; Merriwether Williams, Story By; Tim McKeon, Story By; Pendleton Ward, Written By; Kent Osborne, Written By; Larry Leichliter, Director/Supervising Director; Dong Kun Won, Overseas Director


Cartoon Network
  • Brian A. Miller, Executive Producer; C.H. Greenblatt, Executive Producer/Story By; Jennifer Pelphrey, Supervising Producer; Louis Cuck, Producer;Kevin A. Kramer, Story By; William Reiss, Story By; Ian Wasseluk, Story By; Eddy Houchins, Directed By/Supervising Director
  • Chris Savino, Executive Producer/Written By/Directed By; Sandro Corsaro, Supervising Producer; Janelle Momary-Neely, Producer

Robot Chicken

Cartoon Network
  • Seth Green, Executive Producer/Written By; Matthew Senreich, Executive Producer/Written By; Keith Crofford, Executive Producer; Mike Lazzo, Executive Producer; Alex Bulkley, Producer; Corey Campodonico, Producer; Ollie Green, Producer; Douglas Goldstein, Head Writer; Tom Root, Head Writer; Hugh Davidson, Written By; Mike Fasolo, Written By; Kevin Shinick, Written By; Zeb Wells, Written By; Chris McKay, Directed By; Ethan Marak, Animation Director
  • Brian A. Miller, Executive Producer; Thurop Van Orman, Executive Producer; Jennifer Pelphrey, Supervising Producer; Pernelle A. Hayes, Producer; Kent Osborne, Story By; Patrick McHale, Written By; Somvilay Xayaphone, Written By; John McIntyre, Supervising Director; Larry Leichliter, Sheet Timing

Uncle Grandpa
  • Brian A. Miller, Executive Producer; Jennifer Pelphrey, Executive Producer; Rob Sorcher, Executive Producer; Craig McCracken, Executive Producer; Pete Browngardt, Executive Producer/Story By/Written By; Rob Renzetti, Supervising Producer; Janet Dimon, Producer; Robert Alvarez, Animation Director