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February 07, 2019

For Your Consideration (FYC) Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What celebrities will be at X event? Will they show a full episode or just clips? Which episode? How long will the program run? Will there be a reception with food? Who's catering?
A: FYC Events are not hosted or programmed by the Television Academy. Check the invitation or FYC Events page for all available details. New events are added regularly during the FYC season. Please note that panelists are subject to change.

Q: When is the X FYC Event going to be?
A: Please check the FYC Events page here to see all announced events. New events are added regularly through FYC season.

Concurrent Events

Q: There are two events I want to attend on the same night. Can I RSVP to both and decide later which one I want to attend?
A: Members are only able to RSVP and attend one event per night. If you have RSVP'd to an event but wish to attend a different event on the same night, you must first cancel your initial RSVP before RSVPing to the other event. Be sure to check that the second event is still accepting RSVPs before cancelling your first reservation!


Q: I'm not receiving email invitations!
A: To update your email preferences, login to the Member Dashboard, go to My Account, and then Preferences. Under "I would like to receive:" make sure Television Academy Emails is checked.

It is a good idea to add and to your address book so that Academy emails won't be filtered into your spam folder.

Click here for more information on receiving emails from the Television Academy.

Q: Why didn't I receive any postcard invitations for FYC events?
A: The Television Academy has eliminated postcard invitations for FYC 2019. All invitations for FYC Events are sent by email only. To update your email preferences, login to the Member Dashboard, go to My Account, and then Preferences. Under "I would like to receive," make sure Television Academy Emails is checked. It's a good idea to also add to your address book so FYC emails won't be filtered into spam.

Q: Why did I receive my invitation later than another member?
A: To handle the volume of emails sent to members, our emails are batched and randomized, which means that members may receive invitations at different times. You can always see the latest events available for RSVP here.

Q: Last year, I got the email invitation to an FYC event, and immediately tried to RSVP for it, but it was already sold out!
A: Last year, For Your Consideration Events frequently "sold out" before all members had an equal opportunity to RSVP. In response to member feedback, we tested a new RSVP procedure for a few activities – an RSVP lottery – in hopes of providing all interested members a fair chance of attending Television Academy events. Because this new procedure has proven successful, we will be utilizing an RSVP lottery for all future Television Academy and For Your Consideration events.

For the first 48 hours after an event invitation email goes out, members will have the opportunity to enter the event's RSVP lottery. At the end of the 48 hour period, members will be randomly registered to attend. A registration does not guarantee admittance; all events are first come, first served. Those not selected will be added to a waiting list. All members who entered the lottery will receive an email notifying them of their status.

Please note: if an event does not sell out in the first 48 hours, all members entered in the lottery will be registered. Additional RSVPs will then be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.


Q: I tried to RSVP to an FYC event, but the event page says it's sold out. Can I still attend the event?
A: If an event is sold out, you can request to be added to the waiting list.

To make a request, go to the specific event page and click the Member RSVP link. Follow the directions there to be added to the waiting list.

DO NOT CALL to be added to a waiting list - the only way to submit a waiting list request is via the specific event page, which is monitored regularly through the RSVP system.

Q: I didn't RSVP to an event (or an event was sold out). If I just show up, will I be able to attend the event?
A: Check the event page to verify if an individual FYC event is taking walk-ups. Please note, if there is a walk up line, all registered guests will receive priority admission. Please DO NOT call regarding walk ups.

Q: I'm an Associate Member. Can I attend FYC events this year?
A: Inclusion of Associate Members for FYC events is solely at the discretion of the event producer. If you are an Associate Member and received an invitation to a specific event, you are welcome to RSVP and attend. If you think you may qualify for Active Membership, and are interested in upgrading, please review the Peer Group Requirements on the Membership section of the website, and apply to change the status of your existing membership.

Associate Members had been invited to attend FYC events in the past, but these events have become so popular in recent years that our partners holding the events have prioritized active "voting" members as their invitees. FYCs are not Television Academy events – therefore we have no say regarding the invitation list. The reason studios, networks, cable nets and streaming services present these events is to promote their Emmy entrants to members who are eligible to vote in the Emmy competition.

Q: If I RSVP and can't make the event, can my friend attend in my place?
A: No, invitations are not transferable and they will be turned away at the door. The member must be present with a valid membership card and photo ID for their guest to be admitted. Both member and guest need to be present in order to check in and enter the venue. If one is not present, the other will be required to wait until the full party has arrived.

Q: If I RSVP, am I guaranteed to get into the event? Can I reserve a specific seat?
A: Seating is first come, first served. Admittance is not guaranteed. Holding places in line and seat holding at the venues is not allowed.

When events are hosted at studios or other venues, remember to allow plenty of time to go through security.


Q: Where do I park?
A: For events at the Saban Media Center, parking for FYC events is available in the parking structure adjacent to the Saban Media Center. Cars arriving before 6:00 PM will be charged $15. See the event page for the most up-to-date parking information for a specific event.

For events at other venues, please check the specific event page here or the email invitation for parking details.

Q: Is parking free?
A: For events at the Saban Media Center, complimentary parking for FYC events is provided for most - but not all - events and is available in the parking structure adjacent to the Saban Media Center. There may be a charge for some events – please check the invitation or event page for detailed parking information.

For events at other venues, please check the specific event page here or the email invitation for parking details.

Event Participation

Q: I am a big fan of the featured show. After the presentation, can I get a photo of me with one of the stars? Can I bring memorabilia for them to autograph?
A: Please be mindful of the Television Academy's Code of Conduct when you attend an event. Participation of the presenters and panelists is at the discretion of the FYC event producer, not the Television Academy.

Partnering in For Your Consideration Events

I have more questions not answered here.

Check our Frequently Asked Questions about the Television Academy, Membership, Online Voting, Emails, and the Viewing Platform.

updated 2.15.19

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