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Pablo Schreiber refuses to be cornered.

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With its idyllic image of family life, Father Knows Best remains a favorite, sixty years after its debut. Elinor Donahue looks back on the 1950s classic.

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Emmy winner Neville Kidd looks for the truth in his surroundings.

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Anton Cropper knows all about starting over.

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A scripted development exec looks to move beyond the foreign adaptations that have brought acclaim to Shine America.

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The Founding Fathers Come Front and Center in History's Sons of Liberty

Industry News

Amazon and Netflix again show that they are contenders in television awards.

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How did Sutton Foster find herself here?


Bob Hope’s Christmas shows in Vietnam — stocked with G.I. jokes and sexy gals — were turned into annual specials that drew massive ratings. An excerpt from the new Hope biography by Richard Zoglin.

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Festive Cocktail Party Pays Tribute to Longtime Television Academy and Sound Executive